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//  Origin:  São Paulo, BRASIL
//  Genre:  Brazilian Music
//  Active Years:  2000 - present
//  Label:  Afinado Brasil Music
//  Website:
Resumo Bio

Drum&Brazz is a Project which searches in the richness of Brazilian music for its deepest harmonic expression. It is an experiment of classic styles sonority like bossa nova, samba or pop from a modern and creative perspective. The result is the creation of soft and involving atmospheres obtained through a warm, sober and elegant sonority. The singular presence of the acoustic guitar, so characteristic of Brazilian music, accompanied by urban filtered sounds offers an extraordinary result from an electronic perspective. It is a concert of actual sonority, which can adjust to a young audience, fond of elaborated music, as well as a more adult audience who likes Brazilian music.




Darlly Maia solo


Darlly Maia Trio


Darlly Maia Quartet


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