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Currently, Darlly Maia is preparing for the summer shows in Europe and working on the production of a new album.

Between January and March, Darlly Maia ended the Circuit Brésil-Lien Musique at Bleu Café, in Neuchâtel, with a series of three performances. The public's receptivity was excellent and the second edition of the circuit is already confirmed to begin in October 2023.


After two very complicated years for the world of show business and entertainment, in 2022 the rhythm begins to return to the way it was before the pandemic.

Darlly Maia begins the year with a voice and guitar show at Bleu Café, in Neuchâtel, in preparation for the new 2022 project.

With her Trio, he performs in Fribourg, at La Coutellerie, in a warm and lively show.

For the Fête de la Musique, for the third year, Darlly Maia takes her show to Lausanne, as part of a demanding and complete programme, closing the evening on the stage of Place Arlaud.

In the summer, Darlly Maia takes part in the Festival Tournée des Terrasses, in the Dents du Midi Region, in the Canton of Valais, where he performs a mini-tour of 3 shows.

In October, Darlly Maia inaugurated Circuit Brésil-Lien Musique, a series of six concerts at Bleu Café de Neuchâtel, a project which aims to show the Swiss public the intimate relationship between Brazilian popular music and the guitar.


The year 2021 was an extension of the previous year, marked by the health crisis that almost completely paralyzed show business.

Navigating this context, Darlly Maia managed, in spite of everything, to continue with his tireless work to spread the music of Brazil to the rest of the world.

Darlly Maia did a series of private shows for small audiences, always in the voice and guitar format, the most adequate for the moment.

In the summer, he performed with his trio in Neuchâtel at Caneabières, on a stage set up outdoors on the shores of the lake.

In November, for the special show "Darlly Maia - Voz e Violão", held at Bleu Café, he produced a complete video of the show in high definition (6k), available on the artist's website.

Darlly Maia also started a new project this year, where he composes, records, produces, and distributes songs created especially for meditation and relaxation. The first songs are already available on distribution platforms.

Together with musician and composer Écio Duarte, Darlly Maia scripted, produced, and presented the first season of Cantautoria (17 episodes) in program format, an idea started in 2020. Cantautoria is a program that talks about music, composition, literature, poetry, cinema, and art in general, always around a good conversation and musical and literary performances. All episodes are available on the artist's social networks.


The year in which everything changed.

Even with the cancellation of all shows, festivals, events and performances, Darlly Maia performed two live shows with her trio: Bleu Café in Neuchâtel and Moulin de Rebeuvelier.

In collaboration with the musician Écio Duarte, Darlly Maia starts the Cantautoria Project, a programme dedicated to music, poetry and arts broadcasted over the internet.

In parallel, Darlly Maia resumes the "Conciertos de Música Brasileña en el Elèctric Bar", in Barcelona, also in its internet version.

During 2020, in his two digital projects, Darlly Maia has reached the figure of 40k minutes of audience in more than 80 presentations.


Darlly Maia releases a new studio album titled "Darlly Maia".

King du Lac - Darlly Maia Trio performs the summer season closing show at the port of Neuchâtel.

Hotel Basel Airport - Darlly Maia is presented in Basel, Switzerland.

Bar Che - “Voz e Violão” show at this traditional live music venue in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Darlly Maia presents her show “Voz e Violão” at Cave du Rocher, La Chaux-de-Fonds, in a special event for the staff of the Tour de Romandie - 2019.



Darlly Maia has done two concerts in the month of November. The first show was at La Chaux-de-Fonds, invited by UP - Plateforme Environnementale. At the end of the month, Darlly Maia Trio was presented at the Bleu Café, in Neuchâtel.

In June, Darlly Maia presents her show "Voz e Violão" at Fête de la Musique de Lausanne, where was present in the 2017 edition. May - Another tour to Barcelona by Darlly Maia to present his show "Voz e Violão" in the project "Els viatges de la paraula", of the City Hall of Barcelona.  At this moment, Darlly Maia also performed at the Vilamusic Susuki School of Music and Art.

In April, Darlly Maia presents the show "Voz e Violão" in Goumois, on the border between Switzerland and France.


December - Darlly Maia presents her show "Voz e Violão" at Café ABC, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, by the film presentation "Favela Olímpica", produced in Brazil.

Darlly Maia Trio presents at Bleu Café in Neuchâtel.  

In September, Darlly Maia presents the show "Voz e Violão" in Friborg and Les Pommerats, in addition to presenting with his Trio at Auvernier and at "Fête de la Coquille "in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

On June 21, Darlly Maia Trio performs two shows at Fête de la Musique in Lausanne.  

At the end of the month, in addition to a party at "Voirie de Neuchâtel", Darlly Maia Trio presents at King du Lac, also in Neuchâtel.  

On tour to Barcelona, ​​Darlly Maia takes her show "Voz e Violão" for the project "Els viatges de la paraula", of the City Hall of Barcelona, ​​and the Jamming Lounge, in the month of May. Still in May, Darlly Maia makes a very special show accompanied by of the saxophonist Jérôme Correa in the Maison Blanche, emblematic house of Le Corbusier in La Chaux-de-Fonds.


In the months of November and December, the Darlly Maia Trio performs two shows in La Chaux-de-Fonds, one at the HCC's rink.  

In a new tour to Barcelona, ​​Darlly Maia takes her show "Voz e Violão" for the project "Els viatges de la paraula", of the City Hall of Barcelona, ​​and the Jamming Lounge, in the month of November.  

In the months of September and October, Darlly Maia Trio makes two presentations at La Chaux-de-Fonds: one at the Musée International d'Horlogerie and another at La Méridienne.

In May, Darlly Maia Trio performs in Neuchâtel, preparing for the summer at King du Lac.  

As in 2015, Darlly Maia begins the year with a tour in Brazil in February.


In November, Darlly Maia returns to Barcelona for a short tour, where she presents, among others, at the Jamming Lounge. With the show "Voz e Violão", Darlly Maia plays in Cortaillod, Neuchâtel, in May.  

In April, he made a presentation at the Mercure Classic Hotel in Leysin, Canton of Vaud.

Darlly Maia begins the year with a tour in Brazil, where he makes 10 presentations in 20 days of travel.


Darlly Maia presents in the Caveau d'Echandens, in Lausanne, Switzerland.

He takes his show "Voz e violão" to Bahia, Brazil.

Darlly Maia participates in the POP Festival - 70 ans, in Le Locle, Switzerland.

Darlly Maia presented in Casa America Catalunya invited by Centro de Cultura do Brasil - Brazilian Consulate.

He performs farewell concert of Electric Bar, hall shows reference of live music in Barcelona in the last 13 years.


Darlly Maia plays in the Festival de Jazz de Sitges. He plays with the Trio Forróbódó at the Festival Los Sonidos de la Biodiversidad, of Bancaja in Castellón de la Plana, Valence.
He publishes the double Album Boleros do Brasil, realised by Quim Quer for the Record Company Blanco&Negro.
He settles down in Switzerland and continues, from there, to spread popular brazilian music all around Europe.


The book “Without news of the volcano” (Sin noticias del volcán) arrives on the market and Darlly Maia is one of the characters portrayed. His story is told from an interview given to the journalist and author of the book Albert Figueras.

Darlly Maia presents in Casa América Catalunya invited by Centro de Cultura do Brasil - Consulado Brasileiro.
He presents the album Drum&Brazz Project in the concert hall Luz de Gas, in Barcelona.
With his "Voz e Violão" concert he travels to Switzerland and Palma de Mallorca.


He acts with Trio Forróbódó in the town feasts Festes Majors del Casc Antic de Barcelona. He is part of the program of the week of diversity.
He receives an invitation from Blanco&Negro record company to record a double album of boleros, in Spanish but with arrangements and sounds of Brazilian music.
In Barcelona he takes part with Drum&Brazz Project in one of the most well known summer festivals of Europe, the FESTIVAL GREC.


He makes a tour throughout Catalonia with Trio Forróbódó as guest Group of DIVERSONS for the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Spanish Radio and Television - RTVE Catalonia. He performs with Drum&Brazz Project in Pamplona, within the Cycle of Ethnic Music of CIVICAN. He takes part in the International Festival of Popular and Traditional Music - FIMPT - of Vilanova i La Geltrú and in the Festival of World Music of Cunit. He has been invited with Trio Forróbódó to take part in a Special Edition for the 20th Anniversary of Neuchâtel Buskers Festival, Switzerland. He brings his concert "Voz e Violão" to Palma de Mallorca.


With the show “Voz e Violão” he plays in Switzerland and Brazil. He launches the disc Drum&Brazz Project at the end of the year, which has been distributed by Intergroove throughout Europe. He also begins a small tour throughout Spanish FNACs.


He travels all over Spain with Trio Forróbódó Diversons Tour. He plays in Sevilla, Jerez de la Frontera , Marbella, Barcelona, Girona, Figueres, Tarragona, Igualada, Vic, Logroño, Guipúzcoa, Castellón, Alicante, Valencia, Huesca, Pamplona, Granada, Menorca, Madrid, Pinto and Aranjuez, among others.

He plays in the Festival de Música Viva de Vic - MMVV.


He starts Drum&Brazz Project by playing during a season at Barcelona Casino. He plays in Brazil, Bahia, after a long spell without playing there. Festival Bahia Fusión Barcelona. He plays with Trio Forróbódó at Neuchâtel and Lucerne Festivals (Switzerland). He performs in the first shows of Diversons Tour in Palma de Mallorca and Lleida.


He presents his “Voz e Violão” concert for the first time in Switzerland. He plays with the Trio Forróbódó on the roof of Gaudí’s mythic building, La Pedrera, of Barcelona. Both nights were sold out. He plays at the International Festival of Gandia and at the Fira de Música al Carrer of Vila-Seca. He takes part in a show at the Palace of Congresses of Madrid.


He plays during Brazilian Weeks of FNAC, where Carlinhos Brown, Bebo Valdés, Flávia Virginia are also present. Counting his concerts with Trio Forróbódó and “Voz e Violão” he performs more than 120 shows during this year.


He creates Zaratustra Music Circuit. He produces the Fiestas de Gràcia (Plaza del Sol) a 9-days festival, which gathers together more than 20 thousand people and presents 15 different concerts. Darlly Maia plays with Paulinho da Bahia.


He creates Trio Forróbódó and begins to promote forró in Europe. He performs more than 80 concerts with the group during this period. 


Darlly Maia arrives to Barcelona and begins his “Voz e violão” concerts at the Elèctric Bar.

Radio Programme “Afinado com Brasil” at Radio Estel during 2001/2002 season.


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