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//  Origin:  São Paulo, BRASIL
//  Genre:  Brazilian Music
//  Active Years:  2000 - present
//  Label:  Afinado Brasil Music
//  Website:
Resumo Bio

Darlly Maia is a Brazilian musician who spreads out his work to the world. His guitar and his warm voice are his tools to diffuse MPB – Brazilian Popular Music - to places he would never have thought of. In his different projects and formations he never loses his eternal characteristics of fluctuating through the infinite nuances of Brazilian music like Bossa Nova, Samba, Forró or the modern music of his generation. He always plays in a very particular way, with his own style, close to the people and to their desire to share feelings and happiness that only Brazilian music can awake.




Darlly Maia solo


Darlly Maia Trio


Darlly Maia Quartet


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